There’s been a  response to growing concern about environmental problems related to the rising standard of living of the world’s population. In 1983 the UN General Assembly convened an international group of environmental experts, politicians, and officials to form the WCED (World Commission on Environment and Development, also called the Brundtland Commission), which was charged with proposing long-term solutions for achieving sustainable development and continuing it into the 21st century.

The Brundtland Report included chapters covering, among other topics within, sustainable development, the role of the international economy, energy, industry, and proposed legal principles for environmental protection. In addition, the report is known for its definition of sustainable development: “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

From the point of view of the economy and industry, given the aforementioned examples of organizations that are using disruptive technologies to support sustainable development, there is no doubt that these types of institutions identified as ExO are undoubtedly taking on a responsible role since, due to their conformation and characteristics, they are capitalizing on exponential technologies to achieve more things, in an innovative way, faster and more efficiently in favor not only of consumers but also of the entire planet.

These exponential companies demonstrate that greater efficiency means less use of resources and, since the staff is employed on demand, less mobility is achieved, which translates into less pollution. Also, exponential technologies allow for less use of physical facilities, and social technologies facilitate collaboration, linking with others, and greater efficiency.

Now, ask yourself what your MTP is and if you have not yet defined it, think about the following:

Can you determine what needs of your customers (current and potential) you can meet? Again, it’s not about pleasing everyone but about being the best at meeting the needs of well-identified groups that will make you grow.

What are the disruptive technology tools that will help you grow exponentially?


Do you have your priorities straight? Remember that your focus should be on the fundamentals of your business.


Do you have measurement dashboards? Keep in mind that data will allow you to make clear decisions. You need real-time information to understand your performance.

I invite you to transform your mindset and adopt a leadership that allows you to put aside the external environment and focus on those actions you can control. Exponential Growth is a decision, not serendipity.

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