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Many toothaches are caused by something in your mouth, such as food stuck in the gums or a loose crown. But most sources of toothache pain come from an underlying problem such as infections or decay. When you have an acute toothache, treatment is essential to resolving it and preventing it from coming back. It’s important to know what causes toothaches so that you can take steps to prevent them from reoccurring. Toothaches can be caused by any number of underlying problems that require dental treatment like broken teeth, cavities, infections and even tooth decay.


The symptoms of a toothache can vary. Some people have few, if any, symptoms. Others experience more severe pain and swelling around their teeth. Symptoms may include:


  • A painful tooth that causes you to bite down on something to relieve the pain.


  • A severe toothache that causes you to seek medical attention right away.


  • Biting down on something to prevent the pain from getting worse.


When a toothache strikes, many people want to know how they can prevent or reduce their discomfort during and after treatment.


Here are some tips that may help prevent or reduce your discomfort during and after treatment:


  • Rinse with warm saltwater. Saltwater can loosen debris between your teeth, act as a disinfectant and reduce inflammation. 


  • Rinse with hydrogen peroxide. A hydrogen peroxide (3% solution) helps to reduce inflammation and pain. Dilute the hydrogen peroxide with equal parts water and rinse thoroughly. Don’t swallow it.


  • Cold compress. For swelling and pain hold a cold compress of ice wrapped in a towel to the painful area for 20-minute periods. Repeat every few hours until symptoms subside


  • Use clove oil. Used to treat dental pain throughout human history, clove oil can reduce inflammation and numb oral pain. It also contains eugenol, a natural antiseptic that can sterilize oral wounds.


  • Rinse with a guava mouthwash. Known for their anti-inflammatory properties, guava leaves also have antimicrobial traits that can blunt pain and sterilize oral wounds. You can either chew on fresh guava leaves or boil crushed leaves in water to make a mouthwash.


  • Try garlic. For thousands of years, garlic has been used for its medicinal properties. In addition to killing potentially harmful bacteria, it can also act as a pain reliever. To use garlic for toothaches, crush a clove to create a sticky paste and apply it to the affected area. 


From the above summary, it is clear that you can easily reduce your discomfort from a toothache. When you know how to reduce pain, even after treatment, your toothache experience will be more manageable. If you are worried about such an issue occurring, schedule regular dental cleanings and checkups to prevent or minimize your discomfort.

A toothache is never fun. If you experience a toothache, take precautions to keep your teeth and mouth healthy, and seek prompt dental care if you can’t avoid the pain. While a toothache may be uncomfortable, it is treatable—so keep your smile healthy and enjoy every bite. If you want to keep your teeth and gums healthy, contact a dentist for cheap tooth extraction Mountlake Terrace or emergency tooth extraction Mountlake Terrace. A tooth extraction dentist Mountlake Terrace can help you get rid of the pain and discomfort caused by a toothache. Thanks to modern dental technology, a tooth extraction is usually a quick and painless procedure. So don’t wait until your toothache gets worse—contact a dentist today!

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