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Painting your home is one of the most important things you can do to sell your house. It’s like a double-edged sword: If you paint too much, it will take away from the final sale price of your home.

 When selling a home, the first thing that you need to do is make it stand out from other homes on your street. This can be done through a number of different methods. To increase the appeal of the house to potential buyers, you may want to consider painting your walls a different color.

We know that home painting is one of the most important aspects of selling a house. But what exactly should you consider when working on your home’s interior? Whether you have a room with splashes of color or plain white walls, there are a few universal truths that need to be considered in order to properly paint a home.

Choosing the right colors to paint a home can make all the difference in selling your dream home faster. Choose from our list of best paint colors for selling a house, and you will get it right every time.

Soft Earth Tones – Not to be confused with creamy neutrals, soft earth-toned hues — think pale grays, dusty peaches, and light blues — can elevate the ambience of a space without overpowering it. “Light earth tones are soft, calming, and reflect light,” 

Dark Hues – Believe it or not, our experts Silver Firs best real estate agentssay that when used correctly, dark walls can have a positive impact on potential buyers. 

Creamy Neutrals – According to our experts, you can always count on a subdued, neutral paint palette to help your home sell faster. “We recommend a fresh coat of neutral paint before selling your home,”

Dark colors can help you sell a home faster – If your home has dark walls, Silver Firs best real estate agents recommend it may be time to freshen up the look. “Dark colors are a neutral backdrop for all kinds of furniture, artwork and accessories,” “You can use dark colors with light wood floors or in a kids’ room — it’s all about how you use them.”

Dark, moody colors have become a trend in interior design. They’re often used in kitchens and bathrooms, but can be applied to any room in your house.

Plain Colors – If you’re looking for a neutral palette that will appeal to nearly every buyer, our experts say white is the way to go. White paint absorbs light and provides natural lightness. It makes everything look fresh and clean — and it doesn’t require much maintenance.

 The main goal of painting your home is to make it look as good as possible. Painting your home will give you a chance to add color and texture to the room, which can make it feel more like home. However, there are many different colors and shades of colors that can be used for different purposes. Here is a general picture of what colors evoke:


Blue: kindness, honesty, authority, clarity, intelligence.

Purple: greatness, quality, personality, spirituality, creativity.

Red: desire, action, passion, energy, inspiration.

Orange: fun, friendliness, rejuvenation, uplifting, optimism.

Yellow: happiness and enthusiasm as well as friendliness and optimism.”

Green: hope and growth as well as renewal and balance.”

Make a strong first impression with a home that’s in show-ready shape. That means less hassles and lower stress while you try to sell your home. Whether it’s an upgrade or fix up, just make sure the painting is done to perfection so the value of your house doesn’t go down instead of up. And don’t forget: even if you don’t plan to sell your house anytime soon, a fresh coat of paint will boost its curb appeal, making it more attractive to potential buyers should you decide to sell in the future.

The best way to find out which color is best for your home is to speak with a professional. Real estate brokers Silver Firs recommend a certain paint job, it’s because they have the research and experience to back up their opinion. They know about trends in the market, what appeals to buyers or sells faster, and other information you might need.

There are a few good paint colors that can help your house sell faster. If you are still not sure about what to choose, callreal estate brokers Silver Firsagent and ask him or her for advice.


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