PEMF Therapy Training

Many subjects have testified anecdotally to the use of permanent magnets as a form of therapy for both acute and chronic conditions, but few double blind studies have demonstrated its benefits. What kinds of animals can benefit from PEMF therapy training? Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can benefit almost any type of animal. PEMF therapy employs electromagnetic energy rather than electricity to promote healing and proper cellular function.


Let’s take a closer look at this progressive treatment and why it’s worth the buildup!


Most of us are aware of heartworm disease in dogs, but did you know that our feline friends are also at risk?


The heartworm life cycle is basically the same in dogs and cats. It all starts with a harmless mosquito bite that introduces a microscopic worm (microfilaria) into their bloodstream. Over the next few months, those tiny worms mature into adult heartworm preventative and settle into the unsuspecting animal’s heart.

We in the animal world have long believed in the potential of PEMF machine for animalsto help four-legged friends suffering from chronic pain, which led to the development of the EMbrace Relief System, a wearable garment equipped with PEMF technology that can provide relief from aches and pains in pets.

Some of the animals that we commonly treat with PEMF therapy training include:

  • Horses
  • rabbits
  • Goats
  • chickens
  • Bulls
  • sheep
  • cattle
  • Pigs
  • cats
  • lambs
  • dogs

What are the most common manifestations treated by pulsed magnetic therapy?

  • Wound
  • Pain, both acute and chronic
  • Swelling / Oedema
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Joint Ache
  • Fractures, including non-union fractures
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Bruising / Soft Tissue Injury


Is it possible to combine magnetic therapy with other types of veterinary medicine? 

Magnetic therapy can be combined with either conventional or alternative veterinary medical treatments. Magnets used in conjunction with acupuncture treatments are gaining popularity among some practitioners.


In case you’re utilizing permanent magnets on your pet, or he or she is accepting attractive field treatment from a specialist other than your standard veterinarian, it is basic that both people are kept upgraded almost the continuous treatment in order to supply facilitated care of your pet, to allow proper assessment of treatment and to play down any avoidable intelligent or interferenc

What is taking a toll on attractive therapy?

 Permanent magnets are reasonable, in spite of the fact that the taken a toll will change depending with their estimate and arrangement. PEMF hardware is moderately costly, and treatment costs will reflect both the taking a toll of gear and the practitioner’s time and skill.


PEMF machine for animalsare safe and has no known side effects, and are well tolerated by animals. The magnitude of the magnetic field used in PEMF therapy depends on the size of the animal, the condition being treated, and the depth of tissue penetration required.Therefore, specialized PEMF therapy is only performed by a veterinarian or a licensed therapist under the direct supervision of a veterinarian to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Despite the fact that there has been interest in the potential medical applications of electricity for more than 150 years and serious scientific research on PEMF  for more than 50 years, the solid evidence of significant clinical benefits is surprisingly low. Almost never. Much is known about the physiological effects of PEMF, and preclinical studies point to various clinical applications. Although there is  evidence from human clinical trials showing potential benefits for bone and soft tissue healing, pain relief, and other uses,  this evidence is conflicting and  the use of many different devices and treatment protocols. PEMF devices are widely used and give the impression of being well-tested, but the reality is fuzzy.

If you’re looking for a PEMF practitioner, you can find one by visiting or by calling (844) 831-7363. AOPP is committed to providing the highest quality of care to its patients and clients, and its certified PEMF practitioners are experts in the use of PEMF therapy. Interested on how to become a PEMF practitioner? You can do so by completing AOPP’s online certification course. This course will teach you how to properly use PEMF therapy to treat a variety of conditions. After completing the course, you will be able to sit for the AOPP certification exam. Once you pass the exam, you will be officially certified as a PEMF practitioner and will be able to start offering PEMF therapy to your patients and clients.


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