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Everyone wants a perfect smile. This can seem like an impossible goal, however. It’s hard to find the time and money to get braces or other forms of orthodontic treatment you may need if you are older than 18 years old. Fortunately, there’s another solution: Invisalign. Invisalign Mountlake Terrace is an affordable treatment that uses clear retainers to straighten your teeth over time, so that you can achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.


 Invisalign braces utilize an invisible, transparent retainer to straighten minor misalignments of your teeth. The concept behind Invisalign is that the retainer fits over your teeth and gently shifts them into place. While not all enamel on your teeth has been damaged by orthodontic treatment, the Invisalign system developed by the best Invisalign dentist Mountlake Terrace

offers you a way to avoid metal braces altogether!

Here’s some of the huge benefits of Invisalign


Cleanliness has been improved.

When you’re ready to brush and floss your teeth, simply remove the Invisalign trays, clean your teeth, and replace them. The trays themselves can be cleaned as well! Simply remove the trays and rinse or brush them with your toothbrush to ensure there is no buildup.


Removable and secure

Is your child or adolescent involved in sports or band? Invisalign provides a more comfortable experience by avoiding the scrapes that other orthodontic options can cause. Invisalign trays are also removable, making brushing your teeth, eating, and going about your daily activities more convenient than other options.


Appearance of Invisibility

Invisalign trays are virtually undetectable! They are completely transparent, so they do not obscure your face or smile. This is an excellent option for adults, teenagers, and young adults who prefer to avoid the brackets and wires associated with traditional braces.


Feeling More At Home

The Invisalign clear aligner trays are made of smooth plastic with no sharp points or edges that could poke into your gum tissue. They’re made from an impression of your teeth and mouth, and you only wear each aligners for a couple of weeks before switching to the next one. This gently guides your teeth into the proper position without putting pressure on your mouth.


The outcomes are both effective and long-lasting.

Most patients benefit from Invisalign. Furthermore, if the patient wears their retainer and follows the rest of the aftercare instructions provided by their Invisalign dental professional, the results should last a lifetime. Once the patient has achieved their ideal teeth alignment, the retainer is used to keep the teeth in place until the Invisalign aligners are no longer required.


You’ll Save Time at the Dentist

With traditional metal braces, you spend a lot of time at the orthodontist’s office. You’ll have a scheduled visit every four weeks to have your braces adjusted and tightened, as well as the unplanned emergency visits we mentioned earlier.

With Invisalign, there is no “tightening.” Instead, you simply replace your aligners with a new set of plastic aligners at home. When you switch to new aligners, you may feel some slight discomfort and pressure, but nothing like the discomfort caused by adjusting wires. Because there are no wires to tighten, you only need to see us every six weeks for Invisalign, and these visits are much faster than with traditional braces. We’ll just check to make sure your treatment is on track and then send you on your way.


Clear braces from Invisalign give you beautifully straight teeth that are better for your gums and overall oral health. By removing crowding and gaps, you can better care for your teeth, and better oral health leads to better overall health. You also get the smile you’ve always wanted.

There’s no need to look for orthodontists or another dental treatment provider when you have Invisalign. You can get Invisalign from the best Invisalign dentist Mountlake Terrace .Our Invisalign Mountlake Terrace patients appreciate the convenience of receiving all of their dental care under one roof in Mountlake Terrace. Dr. Brent Robinson, together with his team of reliable dentists, work together to ensure they are giving their patients the medical attention and needs they deserve. For reservations on cheap Invisalign Mountlake Terraceand  to learn more about whether Invisalign is right for you, call us at 425-778-1164 or visit our official website at




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