Family Business Singapore


Family Business Singapore

Family businesses are an increasingly important source of philanthropic funding, as they control an estimated $30 trillion in assets worldwide. However, family business Singapore can be complex institutions, with competing interests and multiple generations to consider. As a result, many family business Singapore choose to work with consultants who can provide expert advice on how to capture the high-end of the philanthropic market. Wealth management Singapore is a key area of focus for these consultants, as HNW families often have complex financial portfolios. In addition, consultants can also help families navigate the process of intergenerational wealth Singapore transfer, ensuring that the family business remains intact for future generations. As the philanthropic landscape continues to evolve, family businesses will play an increasingly important role in supporting non-profit organizations.

On the ‘buy-side’, there are the families. Because of supply-demand economics, it is a buyer’s market: causes are most always chasing families rather than the other way around.

Families choose causes for a variety of reasons, but too often those reasons are unorganised and reactive. They may be a response to a personal connection, or a direct solicitation. That may leave family members looking back at a schedule of the gifts for the year and wondering why, and what their impact has been.

It behoves families on the ‘buy-side’ to take a more strategic and proactive approach to their philanthropy. That starts with having a strategy and goals, and then choosing to allocate in a more sophisticated way. This can be balanced by an ‘allocation’ or ‘bucket’ for opportunistic or reactive giving. 

Consider This: What proportion of your family’s giving is reactive vs proactive? Does your family have articulated goals for its philanthropy? How does it measure against those goals?

Are you looking for advice on how to make your family business in Singapore operate better? David Werdiger is the number one choice when it comes to Singapore family owned business protocol help. Mr. Werdiger is helping hundreds of family owned businesses pass the torch using his famous Singapore Familosophy techniques

His market in Singapore is two-fold:

Scenario #1: The older generation wanting to work with the younger generation, bring them into the company, teach them how to run things, and then retire from the office, but not the income

Scenario #2: The younger generation wanting to jump into the family business, but to be able to contribute and be heard, and not having to “wait their turn” before they can begin to help run the business.


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