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Dog Bite Personal Injury Lawyers In Las Vegas Launch New Website To Help Dog Bite Victims In Las Vegas, NV


Personal Injury Dog Bite Attorneys In Las Vegas, NV

Mace J. Yampolsky is an experienced attorney with a dog bite personal injury law practice located in Las Vegas, NV.

The updated website provides information about the legal solutions for victims of a dog bite in Las Vegas, NV. 


Las Vegas NV:

Dog Bite King Law Group is pleased to announce the launch of its new website and blog pages. Mace J. Yampolsky has the experience as a renowned litigator with hundreds of winning cases, including one in front of the United States Supreme Court.

The dog bite injury lawyer, Las Vegas veteran, has created and launched a comprehensive website that helps victims of canine attacks understand the process and actions taken after the bite.


Determining if there are grounds to make fighting a case worthwhile is an early step in the process, but gathering evidence as soon as possible after the incident is vital.

Animal control personnel, possible witnesses, and photographic evidence are crucial steps in preserving information about the bite.

The personal injury lawyer dog biteteam should be contacted to enlist their help in documenting the incident for possible future legal action. 


Additional details are available at


Las Vegas dog bite victims may have a difficult time obtaining compensation compared to those in other states.

Nevada doesn’t have a state-wide statute, making it difficult to prove liability.

Many states’ dog bites are strict liability, but not in Nevada.

Victims of bites increase their chances of winning the case when they work with an experienced dog bite injury lawyer.


There are no upfront fees.

The legal firm doesn’t get paid until the client has won the legal action.

When the firm takes the case, they commit their finances and resources to ensure that the proper medical help is contacted and that the appropriate treatment is initiated quickly.

It is important to file a case no longer than two years from the accident date, or no claim can be filed.

Some of the costs associated with bites include medical care, physical rehabilitation, lost wages, and other damages associated with the bite.


About the Company: 


The Dog Bite King Law Group lawyers have years of experience winning hundreds of cases.

The newly launched website details information about the process of filing a dog bite injury case.

The site also discusses the types of documentation that are needed to prevail in the legal action.


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