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The Truth about Dental X-Rays: How Often is Enough?

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Even  your dentist can’t identify underlying problems by just looking at your teeth. Inspecting your mouth and teeth isn’t always enough to determine what’s wrong with your mouth and jaw. With the help of a thorough scan, the dentist clearly visualizes the bone structure of the teeth and jaws.


Accurate imaging of the oral cavity is required to closely observe the tooth enamel to the root. Digital teeth x rays Shoreline can give a comprehensive picture of the condition if the tooth has advanced decay or the tooth has not yet erupted. This allows your digital x rays dentistShorelineto monitor and know the proper actions you need to take to care for your smile.


But what most people worry about is how often we should get x-rays? How often is enough? “


What happens during an X-ray examination?

Digital teeth x rays Shoreline are usually quick and virtually painless. They are usually done in the office by your dentist or licensed dental professional. You will be covered with a lead apron to protect your body from radiation. The  digital x rays dentistShoreline will take an x-ray in a specific area or a full mouth (or panoramic) scan. In some cases, several images may be taken until the dentist has all the views and angles of the mouth needed for diagnosis.


Everyone should have their teeth x-rayed. Specifically, here’s a list of who needs a dental x-ray and how often to see a dentist.

Children and Adolescents – During adolescence, some or all of the baby teeth may still be intact. Careful observation is necessary to suppress the growth of permanent teeth. However, children and adolescents alike should have dental x-rays every 6 to 12 months, especially if they have a history of tooth decay. If there is no risk of tooth decay, it can be done every 12-24 months. 


Adults with restored teeth – If you have had procedures such as crowns, implants, fillings or bridges, we recommend that you have a dental x-ray every 12-18 months. This allows you to monitor the formation of underlying caries and tooth decay. A healthy adult can walk every 2-3 years.


Patients with periodontal disease – In severe cases, periodontal disease can lead to bone loss. Dental x-rays are important to determine which part of the tooth has decay before undergoing gum surgery. 


People with Xerostomia – Xerostomia, xerostomia is a condition where the salivary glands do not produce enough saliva. Dryness also lowers the pH in the mouth. Ultimately, the minerals present in the teeth are broken down, leading to tooth decay and bone loss. For at-risk patients, it is best to have a dental x-ray every 12-18 months.


Tobacco users – If you are an avid smoker, we recommend seeing your dentist every 6-12 months. Smoking and chewing tobacco contribute to bone loss and tooth decay, respectively.


Dental x-rays are mandatory for all ages. This eliminates the risk of tooth and gum disease slipping past your impeccable dental hygiene.The best dental care is not possible without x-rays. This diagnostic tool allows dentists to pinpoint abnormalities, tooth decay formation, and growth problems that may follow you in the future.

What happens inside the tooth is completely invisible to the naked eye. Dental X-rays unlock the mysteries of teeth and help dentists make informed decisions. When is your next dentist appointment?


Rest assured that Robinson Family and cosmetic dentistry inShoreline only uses digital x-rays that produce the lowest possible dose of radiation. Dr. Brent Robinson and his team of equally skilled dentists guarantee you the best care possible. Your safety and satisfaction is our ultimate goal, hence, the safety measures. For inquiries aboutdigital x ray cost Shoreline, visit our website at or call us at 425-778-1164.



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