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Dental Sealants for Adults Woodway prevent tooth decay by painting a thin, plastic coat on the chewing surfaces of teeth. This paint coat is used primarily on the back teeth (premolars and molars) as they are more susceptible to smaller and less detectable food particles. The sealants are bonded into the depressions and grooves of the teeth. This forms a protective shield over the enamel of each tooth.


Reduce tooth decay.

Dental Sealants for Adults Woodway have the ability to last up to 10 years with proper and routine care. Replacements and routine check-ups may be necessary if chipping and wearing occur. If adults still have lingering baby teeth, sealants are the perfect solution. Any adult who wants to decrease the chances of tooth decay should opt for sealants. They are also a great form of preventative maintenance and can help you protect your teeth from any costly dental procedures in the future due to any potential bacteria buildup of plaque decay.

Prevent cavities

If an adult has cavities or any teeth showing early signs of early decay, then applying a sealant over the area can prevent further damage to your teeth. Because sealants are clear, your dentist can easily keep an eye on the tooth in question to ensure the sealant is working at the proper pace. Sealants also do not contain any side effects or any form of Bisphenol A (BPA). That is whydental sealants for kids Woodwayis very safe for children.

Combat aging

As we grow older and mature, our exposure to decay increases. The protective qualities of our gums and teeth have decreased when compared to our time as children. The biochemistry of our saliva and teeth age and change over our lives. Adults all around the world can benefit from sealants. They have proven to be safe and effective.

Enhance appearance

Not only do sealants make your brushing routine much easier, but they can also enhance your smile. When there are fewer food particles in the back crevices of your mouth, bacteria and other buildups have less chance of hiding within these nooks and crannies. This leads to fewer stains and plaque on the surface of teeth. Fewer stains and plaque buildups mean a cleaner, healthier and whiter smile!

In this sense, you are essentially investing in appearance as well as protective and preventive care when you choose sealants as an adult and also a preventive measure for your kids if you opt for dental sealants for kids Woodway. If you are looking to improve your smile and knock out tooth decay in the process, consider looking into dental sealants. Your smile makeover may be one thin, protective coating away!

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