Dental Sealants for Adults Meadowdale

Dental terms such as fillings and sealants can seem a little perplexing. Both the dental filler and dental sealant are applied to the teeth in more or less thirty minutes afterall. Also both appear to coat or protect the teeth. However, fillings and sealants are different.


Fillings and sealants differ in many ways, purpose,materials used, and durability. Below is information on how to differentiate the two.


Restoration vs Prevention

Both fillings and sealants are used to treat teeth. However, filling is considered restorative. Sealing, on the other hand, is preventive. Fillings are used to repair damage done to teeth, usually by caries. Sealants are used to cover parts of the teeth to prevent damage.


Tooth filling


A filling is needed to replace a tooth that has been pitted or pitted by decay. Tooth decay is damage to tooth enamel caused by acids in the mouth. Acid dissolves minerals that make up tooth enamel, such as phosphorus and calcium. This dissolution weakens the tooth enamel and creates holes and cavities in the material.


Once a cavity has developed, to treat the tooth, the dentist removes the decayed portion of the enamel, cleans the area, and fills the cavity. Fillings prevent further damage to teeth by blocking the entry of oral bacteria that can cause infections and larger cavities.


Dental Sealant


Dental sealants for adults Meadowdalecan be applied to teeth that are free of cavities. They are usually applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. These areas are deeply grooved, making it easier for food and plaque to stick to the teeth. Sealers help fill in the ridges while providing a barrier to protect the teeth from oral acids.


Oral acids are a by-product released by bacteria in the mouth after digestion, so the deep ridges of the back teeth are the perfect environment for tooth decay. Bacteria feed on carbohydrates left in the mouth, and deep crevices trap leftovers from meals and snacks. Bacteria mix with debris to form plaque, which adheres to teeth and acid is greatly reduced by saliva. It allows the acid to come into direct contact with the enamel before it is diluted, making it more susceptible to tooth decay.


Dental sealants for adults Meadowdaleprotect tooth enamel from oral acids and plaque. This protects your teeth from tooth decay.

Different materials and plastics

Tooth fillings and tooth sealants are often made of different materials. Tooth fillings are usually made of a variety of materials, and sealants are usually made of plastic.


Tooth Filling


Tooth fillings come in a variety of materials. Dentists and their patients can choose from silver amalgam, porcelain, composite resin, or gold fillings. Silver amalgam is formed by mixing liquid mercury with an alloy of copper, silver and tin. Depending on the location of the filling and the cosmetic needs of the patient, tooth-colored materials such as porcelain or composite resin may be preferred. The color of these materials can be easily matched to the patient’s tooth color.


Dental Sealant


Dental sealants for kids Meadowdaleare made of plastic. It is applied to the teeth as a liquid, but hardens rapidly when exposed to special UV light. The resulting plastic barrier is transparent yet strong. 


Permanent vs Temporary

Both filling and sealant are durable. However, fillings are considered for permanent use and sealants are considered temporary.


Tooth filling


It is almost never necessary to replace the filling. The materials used to fill teeth are typically durable enough to withstand normal bite pressures with little wear or damage.


Dental Sealant


Dental sealants for kids Meadowdale are strong.However, because the coating is on the outer chewing surface where food grinding occurs, dental sealants wear out more easily than fillings.Over time, the seals erode and require reapplication. Nevertheless, dental sealants can stay in good condition for several years.


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