Cosmetic Dentistry Dentures Woodway

Cosmetic Dentistry Dentures Woodway

Often when adults lose adult teeth as they age, implant-supported cosmetic dentistry dentures Woodwaycan be a safe and effective choice to help improve their smile and keep their mouth healthy. Most implant-supported dentures are made to look, feel, and act like natural teeth and are the closest thing you can get to natural, healthy teeth. Not only does this help preserve the aesthetic view of the mouth, but dentures also preserve the overall structure of the mouth by keeping the other teeth from moving out of their normal positions in unnatural or painful ways.

Implant Supported cosmetic dentistry dentures Woodway are one of the most durable and continually evolving dental restorations available. These artificial teeth are manufactured using materials such as titanium, nickel, and stainless steel to make them strong enough to withstand the chewing and abrasion they’ll get while still looking natural. In addition to improving the appearance of your smile, implant supported dentures have many other benefits.

The type of implant-supported denture you receive is determined by your dentist and depends on the amount of bone that exists in your jaw.

The first step in determining the best option for you is to talk with your dentist about what options are available, including:

  1. Bar-supported: The bar is attached to one or more implants on either side of your jawbone. The attachment may be made by screws or clips and connects to one or more implants in the lower jawbone. Or else it may connect directly to an implant with a “S” shaped bracket. In either case, you have a bar-supported denture that rests on top of the natural teeth.
  2. Ball-retained: Ball-retained dentures, also called stud-attachment dentures, usually contain sockets that fit onto ball-shaped connectors on the implants. The ball connector is attached to the implant with a threaded screw. These types of implants are used for teeth that are not visible because they are covered by gum tissue or have been lost due to gum disease or injury.

If you’re considering getting dental implants , make sure you have enough bone to support them! Your dentist will determine whether or not you’re a good candidate based on your medical history and other factors they consider when placing dental implants.

A prosthodontist or a general dentist who has advanced training in the placement and restoration of dental implants will perform an initial exam to:

  • Review your medical and dental histories.
  • Take X-rays and create impressions of your teeth and gums so that models can be mad
  • Order a CT scan to identify sinus and nerve placements as well as determine how much bone is available.

Dentures supported by implants are a more cost-effective solution than dentures supported by flippers, metal or “teeth in a day”. Dentures Cost Woodway depends on whether you would require bone grafting and/or artificial bone tissue prior to the installation of the implants, as well as the difficulty level and length of the surgery. In some cases a complete treatment plan may be costlier initially but will be more affordable in the long run.

Another reason it is important to visit an experienced and reputable dentist when dealing with a dental implant supported dentures is the importance of considering wear and tear in relation to your expected lifetime of your implant. Although implants have demonstrated a high degree of longevity and stability, they are not immortal. 

Whether dentures supported by implants or dentures and implants, we specialize in restoring teeth to their natural state with all-natural materials (i.e, no man-made materials) so that you can enjoy the natural feel and look of real teeth. We are dedicated to providing our patients with quality care, comfortable surroundings, and individualized attention.

If you’re looking for a place to get your dentures in Woodway, you’ve come to the right place. At Robinson Dental Family and Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic, we offer customized dentures full mouth Woodway services that will help you regain your confidence and feel comfortable with your smile.

We use the latest technology and techniques to create natural-looking dentures that fit your smile and your budget. Our team of experienced providers will work with you to choose the right materials and design for your dentures, and we’ll make sure they fit comfortably and securely. We’ll even take care of all the cleaning so there’s no need for you to come back later! To learn more about our Dentures Cost Woodwayservices or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 425-778-1164 or visit our website at



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