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We all want to have a perfect Hollywood smile.  The one that we see on our celebrities and wish we could have. Ok, maybe some of us don’t care too much about the Hollywood aspect but it’s the healthy teeth and bright smile that matters to all of us right?  But sometimes getting that perfect smile might mean paying a pretty penny or else going through long painful procedures.


 You don’t need to be a celebrity to have a picture-perfect smile. If you want to maintain or improve your dental health, you can start by making some changes in your everyday habits or go tocosmetic dentist Alderwood.


Follow these tips for getting the perfect smile.


Get Regular Professional Cleaning


The best way to keep your teeth healthy is with regular professional cleanings.Best Dentist Alderwoodwill use ultrasonic instruments and polishing solutions to remove stains, plaque and tartar buildup from the surface of your teeth. You may also be offered an antimicrobial rinse that helps prevent future infections and keeps your gums healthy.


Dental Bonding


If there are chips or cracks in the enamel of your teeth, dental bonding may be an option for restoring strength and durability in those areas. This procedure involves using a composite resin that’s shaped into the desired shape before it’s hardened with a special light. Dental bonding can also be used to hide gaps between teeth or change the color of existing tooth enamel.


Teeth Straightening


When straightening crooked teeth isn’t possible through orthodontics alone, braces may be necessary to help push them into place over time. The process typically takes several months but can go on longer depending on the severity


If you have crooked teeth or gaps between them, there are many procedures available to correct these issues. You can opt for orthodontic treatment or Invisalign, which is an invisible way to straighten your teeth without using braces.


Teeth Whitening


Not only will whitening your teeth make them look brighter and healthier, but it can also prevent stains from forming on them over time. Teeth whitening products are available in cosmetic dentist Alderwood today and they don’t cost much either! You just need to consult with your dentist first before using them so as not to harm your teeth or gums during the process.


Avoid Foods that Cause Stains


It’s important to avoid foods that stain your teeth like coffee, tea and wine while undergoing treatment because they can make your results look unnatural.


Practice At-Home Teeth Care


Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, and floss daily to prevent plaque buildup and cavities.


Take Care of Your Lips


Lip balm is a must-have during the winter months. Use it every morning before heading out into the cold, and reapply throughout the day as needed. If your lips are dry or chapped, try putting some petroleum jelly on them before bed and waking up to smooth, moisturized skin.


If your teeth are discolored, you may be self-conscious about smiling. You might try to hide your smile behind your hands or remain stoic when the camera flashes. But, whether the pictures are captured with a regular camera, a cell phone camera or simply in your mind, it isn’t true that they’ll last forever. If you’re embarrassed of your smile, it’s worth taking the time and money to improve it. Good dental health doesn’t just benefit your physical appearance but also ensures a healthy lifestyle overall, and it is always a good step to visitcosmetic dentist Alderwood.


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