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Early (intercept) orthodontic treatment

It’s never too early to start monitoring your child’s oral development. Dr. Robinson can identify malocclusion (crowded or crooked teeth) or bite problems and proactively intervene to guide teeth as they appear in the mouth.Intercept Orthodontic Treatment can prevent subsequent more extensive treatment. Dr. Robinson checks the progress of your child’s bite and jaw development at regular dental visits. Early evaluation of your child’s teeth can help prevent major orthodontic treatment in the future. tooth extraction (tooth extraction)


Best kids dentist Alderwoodwill only perform tooth extraction as a last resort for severe caries. A placeholder is used if the deciduous tooth was removed prematurely. If dense teeth are present, some extractions are necessary for orthodontic reasons to facilitate tooth alignment. Baby teeth are important for maintaining proper spacing of the permanent teeth in the child’s jaw.

Dental pulp treatment (Pulptomy)

Pulp therapy (pulpectomy) is the treatment of the nerves and blood vessels of an infected tooth performed in kids dentistry Alderwood . Pulp therapy is usually required for two reasons. As a result of extensive tooth decay (cavities) or as a result of tooth damage. Without the necessary pulpal care, your child may experience pain, infection, swelling, or tooth loss.

Many cavities are very deep and can extend into nerves, often causing pain and discomfort.In this case, the infected part of the nerve must be removed. The rest of the healthy nerve is left alone and treated. The purpose of pulpectomy is to prolong the life of deciduous teeth, avoiding the need for extraction and space maintenance until permanent teeth erupt. In other words, you can leave teeth to chew food and maintain proper space for permanent teeth, helping your child maintain a healthy and happy smile.


Best kids dentist Alderwoodwill only perform tooth extraction as a last resort for severe caries.will only perform tooth extraction as a last resort for severe caries. Sealants are thin white plastic coatings applied to the tips or chewing surfaces of molars and are highly effective in preventing cavities. Plaque often accumulates in the depressions and grooves that occur naturally on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. These small ridges and crevices are the caries-prone areas of children and adolescents and benefit the least from topical fluoride. Together, sealants and fluoride help prevent tooth decay. On average, sealers last 5-10 years with proper care. At every dental check-up, the dentist checks to see if the seal is intact. To extend the life of your baby seal, avoid chewy foods and avoid chewing on ice cream and candy .

Space maintainers

Kids dentistry Alderwoodwill use space maintainers to reserve space for developing permanent teeth when primary teeth are lost (or extracted) prematurely. Teeth flow into the space, preventing permanent teeth from erupting in the proper position. The placeholder is removed from your child’s mouth when the extracted tooth is replaced by a permanent tooth.

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